Although they have frequently been labeled as
materialistic, spoiled and saddled with a sense of entitlement, many
millennials feel that they will not be able to achieve material goals like
finding their dream job, buying a house or retiring until much later in their
lives than their parents did.
(source Investopedia)

Enter finGeniX.

Ciright has developed the technology
infrastructure for finGenix (a Ciright Company) to offer a financial tool to
Regional Banks, Independent Broker Dealers and the RIA Community.

Via mobile application, this solution
provides a straight through processing experience with direct access to
automated advice to complement fee based advisory solutions or go direct to the
Millennial marketplace.

the Millennial investor, this new technology allows him/her to take control of
their investing in a goals-based environment. 
In addition, finGeniX was formed as a PBC (Public Benefit Corporation)
which expand the obligations of boards, requiring them to consider
environmental and social factors, as well as the financial interests of

approach to investing and wealth transfer completely aligns with the Millennial
generation.  Currently
in beta testing, the finGenix mobile application will launch by year end.


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Callahan, CEO of The Ciright Companies was recently named EY’s Technology
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