Corporate Ventures

Accelerating Future Frontiers through Corporate Venture Partnership

Ciright invites visionary Corporate Venture Partners to join us on an unprecedented journey into the realms of immersive volumetric spatial computing and AI-driven business solutions. At this pivotal moment, we focus exclusively on Corporate Venture partnerships, leveraging our unparalleled expertise to propel companies into a future shaped by phenomenal advancements in these transformative fields.

Our Distinctive Offering
Ciright stands at the forefront, boasting a foundation of Intellectual Property (IP), skillsets, and knowledge that remains unrivaled across diverse industries. Our historical investments have forged a unique understanding of manufacturing, fintech, construction, field sales force automation, supply chain dynamics, and automation. We’ve successfully navigated complex landscapes, gaining unmatched knowledge of the total cost of ownership for applied systems and machinery across consumer, commercial, and industrial levels.

In the realm of Internet of Things (IoT), our deployments span thousands of devices across hundreds of buildings and campuses. This extensive experience positions us as a leader in optimizing and streamlining operations at scale, providing valuable insights into the complexities of large-scale IoT implementations.

Ideal Partnerships
Companies with Metaverse budgets and robust AI initiatives are poised to derive maximum benefit from our expertise. By partnering with Ciright, organizations can leverage our wealth of knowledge to accelerate their positions and stay at the forefront of innovation within their respective industries.

Why Partner with Ciright

Unmatched Expertise: Benefit from decades of experience and knowledge that spans various industries and technological domains.

Innovative Solutions: Our focus on immersive volumetric spatial computing and AI-driven business processes positions us as pioneers in driving technological evolution.

Total Cost of Ownership Mastery: Gain insights into the true costs of applied systems and machinery, ensuring informed decision-making.

IoT Leadership: Navigate the complexities of large-scale IoT deployments with confidence, optimizing operations across diverse environments.

Engage and Lead
The time is now for organizations to engage and lean into the disruptive forces shaping the future. Schedule a call today with our Corporate Venture Leadership to explore how partnering with Ciright can accelerate your position within your organization and industry. Those who embrace this opportunity will not only stay ahead but lead the disruption and change that will redefine everything.

Seize the moment with Ciright and be at the forefront of the next wave of transformative innovation.

Existing Partners