our story

In 1993, Ciright’s fearless leader had a bold vision and set forth a plan that became ingrained within our culture.  Build mobile apps for industry that were scalable, flexible, powered industry visionaries to drive proficiency and eliminated  paper and pen in their departments. Today, we continue to power mobility to a whole new level, expanding our reach beyond industry leaders to entrepreneurs and start ups.

Ciright has been at the forefront of enterprise mobility, connectivity, IOT, mobile apps, and location services.  Our early work included engineering and programming on some of the earliest smart phones in the 1990’s.  In 1995, Ciright invented multiple vertical solutions, enabling users to interface with a digital screen and a pen. Eliminating physical paper and mimicking the relationship of pen and paper on digital tablets,  companies soon realized extreme efficiency gains. The customers adopting these advanced technologies included: Merck, FedEx, Pepsi, Amtrak, Airgas, City of Philadelphia and more. Simply said, we built apps before they were known as “apps.”

Our team has always operated at the base of the adoption curve, positioning solutions and efficiencies before they are the industry norm. Today, we focus on supporting our channel partners, business partners, technology investments and the global visionaries attempting to change industries and push business proficiencies to a new extreme.

Technology is our passion and we fill our team with the industry’s most talented and skilled inventors, developers, engineers, designers, communicators, marketers, trainers, and leaders. From our perspective, our story has just begun…

“When you have passion, vision, drive and inspiration, you have the foundation for a team that’s destined to win… Add in an engaging environment and a lifetime of experiences with some Philadelphia grit and you have Ciright.”

– Joe Callahan, CEO

If you want to go far, go together