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WEB 3.0 Streaming Media Platform

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Helping companies thrive through the integration of connected enterprise and mobile solutions that increase efficiencies of the entire business ecosystem while accelerating growth and reducing costs. Ultimately connecting and maximizing everything that impacts the business ecosystem.

Ciright Core

Ciright’s core platform is the connection engine of the digital enterprise.

Spatial Computing

Connecting physical and virtual worlds through AR, VR and mixed reality.

Ciright of Things

Our IoT technologies are connecting everything from mechanical systems to beer taps.

Secure Access

Preventing phishing attacks and data breaches with the next level of passwordless login – The CyberONE card.


We bring our patented technology, you bring your game-changer. Together, we develop, build, market and launch. Fast.

Service/Utility Apps

Lifestyle Apps

Productivity Apps

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The Core of Digital Transformation

The Ciright core is a powerful solution applicable to all industries, businesses and individuals – a true general purpose technology. It is adaptable and scalable to manage and integrate a few of your apps or your entire enterprise. The core can be deployed in a cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or on your own premises. The over 3,000 published APIs allow for a process driven change process deployed department by department ensuring alignment of interests and stakeholders ownership. Schedule a call with our sales team for a demo.

Connect and transform your business.

Applied Systems – Spatial Computing Platform

Designed exclusively for the applied systems/HVAC industry, our spatial computing platform concurrently connects the physical and digital life of the machine, starting with the sales cycle, inception, and through to its enhanced physical and virtual operation.

Seamlessly integrates with your selection software and order entry ERP systems, as well as empowering your current digital twin and enterprise IoT management systems.


The Ciright of Things

IoT software addresses its key areas of networking and action through platforms, embedded systems, partner systems, and middleware. These individual and master applications are responsible for data collection, device integration, real-time analytics, and application and process extension within the IoT network. Connect, communicate and control— the key to scalable IoT deployment.

Passwordless Authentication

Preventing phishing attacks and data breaches.

The risk of identity fraud that occurs during application login and  has been increasing exponentially year over year.  It is a full-time occupation for cyber criminals. The CyberONE card is the complete multiform secure access solution for the workforce. Through FIDO certified device authentication, we enable next generation password-less login, protecting your teams from security breaches from phishing attempts and other malicious cyber attacks.

Learn more about the next generation of secure access using the FIDO certified CyberONE card.

Fuel Your Imagination Engine

Technology Equity Partnership – Dream it, Build it.

We bring our patented technology, you bring your game-changer. Together, we develop, build, market and launch. Fast.

Technology Equity Investments represent the core offering of Ciright.  Our decades of experience and our open enterprise platform allows for rapid implementation of new ideas at reduced time frames and reduced capital costs.  We have taken the risk so you do not have to.  Our proven successful process, structure, and technology become your engine fueled by your imagination of what is possible.

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