Are you the type of person that needs to be challenged?

Naturally curious, and a lifetime learner?

Do you understand what you are great at, and what you are focusing on improving?

Do you have an innate passion for technology and the responsibility to those who control it to help improve mankind? 

If so, Ciright may be the company for you.  We are always hiring to maintain our growth and the global demand for innovation as we continue to evolve our devices, apps, and services to improve efficiency across all industries and all aspects of life.  

As a future focused technology company, we’re constantly adapting and evolving to meet the growing demands of mankind through driving technological innovation. Our general-purpose technology is well-positioned to meet the growing cybersecurity demands of tomorrow as well as the IoT device needs of today.  Our embedded end to end encryption maintains user and device privacy to the most stringent industry standards.

Apply today to the position of interest, and we will consider you for joining our team in its quest to build a better digital world.