Location, Location: “People
from Philly are ridiculously more passionate about everything, whether
it be sports, entertainment, business or technology,” says Ciright CEO
Joseph Callahan. Having been born and raised locally, Callahan saw the
human capital and talent around Montgomery County, and realized that it
could help him accomplish anything.

think the most unique aspect of our local community would be the grit
of the people — the fact that they are highly competitive and that
failure is not an option.”

Giving and Receiving: “The
number-one positive influence our community has had is providing access
to the 70 or more higher-education institutions in this area,” says
Callahan. Ciright is on a mission to help create graduates that can
engage in conversation, know how to debate a point and possesses
problem-solving skills. To do this, it created an internship program,
and requires team members to spend time in classrooms, sharing knowledge
with students.

Lasting Impact: Ciright’s
strategy for growth is to empower other companies to use its technology
to accelerate their own growth and become more socially responsible.
Callahan hopes to see companies solve one particular problem that faces
Philadelphia-area communities: hunger. Callahan reports that within the
eight counties surrounding Philadelphia, there are more than 5,000
homeless people, and 20 percent of children go to bed hungry. “We
believe we can utilize Ciright technology to radically improve this
problem, and plan to work with local universities, enlisting the help of
students in creating and deploying a strategic plan,” says Callahan.