Ciright Card Services LLC (CCS), an affiliate of the
Ciright Companies, Conshohocken, PA. today announced that it has entered into a
definitive asset purchase agreement with GoNow Technologies LLC,, to purchase the business assets of GoNow.


GoNow founded in 2009 was the pioneer of the
Universal All-In-One Re-Programmable Card and its assets include multiple
issued patents and recent allowances of significant intellectual property in
the Universal Re-Programmable Card and Mobile Wallet space. The card developed
by GoNow has been piloted with several major banks and a direct to consumer
eWallet issuer.


Leveraging several years of development with GoNow, CCS
has created the Ciright One™ Card which
is a microprocessor electronic card. The One is a “super smart” card that allows consumers to consolidate
all credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards into one dynamic electronic card that
communicates with a mobile wallet. The One Card when combined with the One Mobile
Wallet app allows consumers to access all of their cards as the One Card can
become any credit, debit, or stored value card in the One Mobile Wallet “on the
fly” which provides the consumer with have the flexibility to pay with the One card
or their smartphone. The Ciright One platform also allows the user to
participate in customized promotional offers and rewards with a sponsoring bank
or credit union, with the option to control the content received.