Incorporating a successful mobile strategy in
your organization requires an entire rethink of current culture, processes and
individual personas.  We have broken it
down into 7 crucial steps to ensure successful implementation.

1.) AWARENESS regarding  need of mobile strategy.  The entire world is connected through mobility
in ways we have never seen before and now is the time to make the big
investment of both time and money.  Mobility
increases company productivity and efficiency while improving employee and
customer satisfaction.

2.) CONSIDERATION of the group who will be part
of strategy.  Consider an immediate
company wide initiative or in phases by department, as well as an audit of
current company apps and existing software systems by user and department.  This could significantly change the initial
strategy direction.

3.) PERSONA ASSESSMENT and adoption curve
placement of all employees, customers and vendors.  Awareness of where individuals in your
ecosystem fall on the adoption curve of mobility and technology will predict
the time necessary to invest prior to successful strategy execution.

individual islands of systems.  Big data
is hard to manage; big data that is normalized is much easier.  Synergy of all corporate communications via in
app communication eventually displacing email communication is important to the

5.) UTILIZATION of mobile technologies.  Daily utilization of the incorporated
strategies and technologies is paramount to the adoption of the incorporated
mobile strategy.

6.) ITERATION of mobile strategy and
technologies.  Awareness that there will
likely be multiple iterations to your strategy with change in processes, culture,
and technology will make the adoption smoother.

7.) COMMITMENT to the rethink.  Without a full commitment from all involved,
with a champion leader within the organization driving the initiative
throughout all levels, the mobile strategy and investment to change will
ultimately fail.  Change is always hard.  Full commitment to the change is what ensures

Following these steps will ensure successful
implementation of your new corporate mobile strategy, whether you decide to
start big – company wide with all systems and apps, or small by individual
department and individual system.  For
more information about Ciright and how we can help with your mobile strategy,
please visit or email me directly at