Happy 21st Birthday,


A Brief Company History!


It all
started back on March 17th 1993 when Ciright
invented and developed the bitmap signature capture application for multiple
specific vertical markets on the PenRight platform which enabled users to
interface with a digital screen and pen. FedEx adopted this effective pen to
paper digital technology. That
same year, Ciright developed “While You Were Out™” a pen-based executive
messaging software that allowed an executive to receive messages on a digital
tablet device. Ciright continued innovating by developing RailSpec, an
application adopted by Amtrak that empowered rail inspectors to automate,
prioritize, and derive work orders. Some years later, Ciright developed a vibration
technology for both the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.  Their forward-thinking, inventive spirit
has spanned various industries and continues to make historical steps in
countless markets.


Ciright is led by Founder and CEO, Joseph
Callahan, whose early work included engineering and programming experience on
some of the earliest smart phones and internet applications in the 1990’s. Under
his pioneering direction, Ciright has dedicated more than 800,000 man-hours to
programming, developing, and maintaining Ciright MAP (Mobile Application
Platform), the company’s flagship product. MAP, which includes web-based
applications and on-site locations, was initially implemented by a Philadelphia
based company in the construction industry. MAP was the catalyst that increased
said firm’s employees from only 6 to over 100 and placed them in a leadership
position in their market.


Today Ciright is an innovative,
cloud-computing, general purpose technology company, holding multiple
industry-changing patents, based outside Philadelphia, PA, in what is now known
as Liberty Valley.   They build customizable applications
inclusive of enterprise mobility for medium to large entities engaged in
complex business processes. Ciright leverages advances in computing and
wireless technologies to capture, organize, and process vital information in
real-time.  From the mobile worker
to the “mom and pop” shop using smart, measurable advertising, Ciright
continuously and consistently brings forth novel solutions in the not so novel


Our team consists of highly skilled,
seasoned, passionate, curious executives, engineers, developers, marketers, creative’s,
sales professionals and business analysts.


Thank you
for all your support over the last 21 years.  We love what we do and do what we love. Cheers to the next 21 years!