5 Benefits of Cloud Computing You Need to Know

If you’ve researched cloud computing, you’ve probably come across list after list of reasons why cloud computing is right for your business. You’ve probably uncovered that while cloud computing isn’t brand spanking new, it’s going to be borderline ubiquitous by 2020. Here are 5 benefits of cloud computing you need to know (and Ciright leads the charge on all of them).

1)    Reduce capital costs. Cloud computing alleviates the need for upfront hardware and licensing costs.

2)    Globalize your workforce on the cheap. Your employees can access the cloud from anywhere in the world, as long as they have Internet access.

3)    Increase economies of scale. Increase productivity with less people. A smart cloud solution means your business does not likely need a hefty IT department.

4)    Gamification. More and more businesses are turning to gamification to distinguish themselves from competitors and to increase customer engagement. Cloud computing assists companies as they become more innovative in how they apply gamification to business models.

5)    Performance. Cloud computing is a proven technology, and companies are no longer concerned with its validity and security. Instead, companies are now demanding a top-performing cloud technology that won’t cause issues or downtime.

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