Safe Clean Air

Using various proven technologies, we can clean the air,
kill viruses and bacteria and create an environment that
prohibits its growth and survival.

Bipolar Ionization

Backed by science, bi-polar ionization technology effectively kills airborne viruses and bacteria in the air. Proven to neutralize Coronavirus on surfaces and in the air by 99.9%, bi-polar ionization is third party verified. The study found that within 30 minutes of exposure to bi-polar ion technology, the presence of the virus was reduced by 99.92%!

Ultra Clean Ventilation

With decades of revolutionizing clean air with an ultra clean ventilation technology, we capture and contain airborne bacteria and particles to provide a safe, sterile environment. This technology is proven to reduce infection brought on by bacteria and/or viruses.


Indoor humidification has been proven to reduce the transmission and risk of infection from viruses, including the Coronavirus. Very low temperatures (tested at 6°C) and very low humidity (30%) enable viruses to survive for long periods on surfaces and in the air. Through maintaining humidity levels between 40-60 %, an environment it is scientifically proven to reduce the spread of airborne diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AtmosAir Bi Polar Ionization?

Ionization is nature’s air cleaning process.  The positively and negatively charged ions generated by the Bi-Polar Ionization system mimic the process that occurs in nature and actively attract, bind, and neutralize all types of pollutants from the air in indoor environments.

Does AtmosAir provided additional health benefits?

AtmosAir™ BPI dramatically reduces allergy and asthma attacks by neutralizing the harmful airborne allergens and agents that cause such attacks. It also reduces many respiratory-related ailments.  AtmosAir™ BPI removes particles, compounds, mold spores and dust from the air we breathe as well as airborne toxic compounds linked to disease, discomfort, absenteeism and more.

Where is Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) utilized?

UCV is utilized by world leading hospitals in their operating rooms to provide an environment that far exceeds the required standards set by the US government. UCV provides an environment with less than 5 colony-forming units (CFUs) per cubic meter of air in comparison to US codes and standards requiring an environment with 450 colony-forming units.

Why Humidification?

Processes, machines, and people operate best at optimum humidity conditions.

Does Humidification provided additional health benefits?

Yes!  Indoor humidity levels between 40-60% RH have been proven to prevent the spread of infections, influenza epidemics and respiratory diseases.

Furthermore; Skin becomes susceptible to cracking and eyes irritated in dry environment.

40-60% relative humidity is the ideal condition for our overall wellness, the efficient functioning of our respiratory immune system and the prevention of spreading airborne microbes and pollutants throughout buildings.

Is AtmosAir™ effective on Coronavirus?

AtmosAir™ BPI DBD technology kills 99.92% of the Coronavirus (Strain 229E) on a surface in 30 minutes at normal AtmosAir space conditions!

Who has benefited from AtmosAir's Clean Air Solution?

Marriott, Hilton, Gensler, Facebook, Google, SPACEX, UBS, Ford, JLL, Comcast, Deloitte, NYU, UCLA, Stryker Labs, VCU Health, LA Lakers, Staples Center, USC, Dallas Cowboys, N.E. Patriots, Denver Broncos, SOULCYCLE, Wells Fargo Center, Sugar House – Rivers Casino, Resorts Casino, Mohegan Sun Casino, Hard Rock, Carnival & Norwegian Cruise Lines…. to name just a few…

Why don’t all hospitals use UCV systems?

Legislation does not require hospitals to provide UCV systems in the US.  However, in the United Kingdom, UCV systems are required by law and installed in all hospitals. There are approximately only 500 UCV systems in the US out of the total 40,000+ operating rooms.

When should we be Humidifying our buildings?

At the Start of Flu Season!  Think about it… When do we get sick?  When we heat and dry our indoor air.  Our bodies are 85% water.  When we live, work, learn in dry heated air, our bodies de-hydrate.  Our immune systems become compromised and we get sick. 

Who has benefited from Humidification?

C.H.O.P, A.I DuPont Hospital for Children, University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware, Virtua, The College of New Jersey, The Barnes Foundation, Bloomberg Financial, Federal Mogul, Facebook…. to name just a few…

AtmosAir is 99.9% Effective in Neutralizing Coronavirus.

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