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Technology Equity Investments represent the core offering of Ciright.  Our decades of experience and our open enterprise platform allows for rapid implementation of new ideas at reduced time frames and reduced capital costs.  We have taken the risk so you do not have to.  Our proven successful process, structure, and technology become your engine fueled by your imagination of what is possible.

Our unique model consists of partnering with companies and entrepreneurs to deliver better products faster.  We contribute our IP and services in exchange for equity…and a synergistic partnership is born with true mutually aligned goals. Everyone is in their right seat on the bus and success is right on the horizon. 

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Case Studies

Source Digital


Video content is critical to user and customer engagement. Facilitating immersive Commerce & Advanced advertising strategies is imperative to success in today’s Media & Entertainment environment. By 2021 82% of all internet traffic will be video, with new media applications generating more than $67B annually. The future of engagements, personal data will be defined by high value and personalized commerce, supported through autonomous payments.


Source Digital, media’s new currency. A SaaS platform suite provided to content owners and brands, creating unlimited personalized and dynamic calls to action within and around the content, resulting in an amplified and engaging user experience through well-timed opportunities to engage, learn and explore content elements, and purchase in a whole new way. The Source solution eliminates wasted engagement providing more fun per minute, layering in unlimited access to information. Video becomes a personalized dynamic experience, with intuitive frictionless access to information and products that can be purchased autonomously, without disruption; capturing the value of real-time audience engagement.


Quick to Market: Layered interactions; through simple integration to your existing video pipeline that is perpetual and evergreen.  Device and platform agnostic; Freedom from the constraints of social ecosystems, ultimately diluting your brand and stealing your customer. Increased revenue; Turn viewers into customers with no operational overhead keeping fans in your content while completing the purchase. Data into dollars; Acquire and share knowledge or moments from within the video producing real-time audience insights that engage.

Source website



We live in the best of times, the worst of times, and the most of times. Hyperconnectivity of people, process and technology ushers in a new age of accelerating change, disruption and, for those prepared, opportunityThis year alone, hundreds of industrial line-workers will die and thousands more will suffer preventable injuries. Millions of older workers have left or will soon leave their jobs, taking with decades of experience and practical knowledge.

Industrial organizations have no effective way of transferring safely at scale the older generation’s wealth of know-how to young workers now entering the workforce. Against that backdrop, these industrial firms continue their digital transformations with advanced technologies, robotics, and hyper-connectivity of the Internet of Things.  These digital transformations destroy hundreds of job classes and millions of jobs while creating brand-new job classes and career opportunities for millions those who can make the transition.

Industrial organizations spend billions on training, yet much of maintains the status quo and little or none of it smooths the way of digital disruption and systemic job loss. As industrial equipment and processes grow more complex and always-connected to the Industrial Internet, the workforce struggles to keep pace.

Today 70% of technicians in the field require assistance from the back office to complete their task. This will only grow larger. Economists and analysts call this organizational-process debt and put these debts on corporate balance sheets as unfunded liabilitiesIn sector after sector, financial analysts and investors have begun using organizational-process debt to discount the share prices of otherwise healthy and growing firms. The best of times, the worst of times, and the most of times … the future arrived unevenly distributed. Some have made the transition, most have not.  Those who can transition today stand to win the future and make lots of money. And those who delay too long, well, good luck with that.


SmarTECHS is a software publisher of applications that increase the safety, productivity, and practical knowledge of industrial workers. SmarTECHS provides a Web-scale cloud platform for provisioning connected workspaces to workers, crews, and end-users of industrial products.

Web-scale cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and, now SmarTECHS can scale compute power for a single user to a billion users in almost no time and with increasing efficiency and lower cost per user. SmarTECHS’ connected workspaces use hands-free, voice command, head-mounted computers, assisted reality applications, specialized content, and multi-layer cybersafety controls.

It is an extremely simple solution that provides technicians, field workers, and global “expert teams” everything they need to do the job right. For example, with one simple voice command to…

  • Request assistance where a Tech can connect with Remote Expert or team of specialists, including remote field-operations masters, product engineers and safety officers.
  • Enable remote experts see what the field or line technician sees, share, compare and co-annotate high definition photos, video sequences and documents,.
  • Pan, zoom and rotate photos from other work orders, wiring diagrams, 3D models and event videos.
  • Study, pick and order needed replacement part lists, special tools, and remote services.
  • Prepare, secure instant authorization and submit service tickets with full documentation of their findings with photo, video, text annotation
  • Initiate a billing process with instant notifications to the authorizing customer and the billing group
  • Record and annotate the entire job, an inspection with certification, schedule maintenance and replacements, unscheduled calls for service, and escalated multi-tier support tickets … all raw materials for creating a

    • Post-mortems for ongoing quality improvement and training
    • Global knowledge bank of searchable digital assets (photos, videos, notes, documentation)
    • Always-on library how-to procedures and protocols
    • Foundation for continuous learning and just-in-time training

Led by a team that has delivered $10 billion in economic impact, implemented hundreds of enterprise-scale systems, and advanced the careers of hundreds of professional, SmarTECHS provides a simple, effective and proven way for customers build and de-risk functional prototypes of connected workspaces for industrial workers and crews, stress test them in field pilots, and scale managed workspaces across global supply chains. 


SmarTECHS delivers strategic capabilities to your inhouse operation and client-facing field service groups.

SmarTECHS typically delivers

  • First-time fix rates of 60 to 80 percent, twice the industry average.
  • Productivity improvement in troubleshooting and repair procedures by 20 to 40 percent
  • Reduction in errors and noncompliance to near zero
  • Turn-key best practice for continuous improvement

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