Investor Relations

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists interested in investment opportunities are welcome to register to be introduced to the Ciright brands that are deploying at scale and positioned to disrupt industries in a very big way.  Applicable industries include Fintech, MedTech, Social Commerce, Digital Media and much more.

Private Equity Firms

Ciright has company holdings that may be of interest to private equity investors looking to bolt on, underpin or initiate a business type rollup. Register here and we can initiate a conversion to assess alignment.

Family Offices

If you are a single family office interested in driving digital transformation through your current company holdings, Ciright is exactly what you need.  Our unique investment model allows family offices to invest and access the entire Ciright technology stack at significant discounts compared to current legacy industry service prices. This access to advanced technology drastically reduces technology operating expenses while driving proficiency and market share growth. Register and we will open your eyes to the amazing future which lies ahead with insight into our 30 year business plan.

Accredited Investors

If you are an accredited investor, we offer investment opportunities on a quarterly basis.  If you are interested in a long term investment in technology, driving global digital transformation and IoT, we are happy to share our offering details and investment windows.  Register here we and we will contact you with more info on our portfolio offering and investment opportunities. 

Existing Shareholders