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3/12/2009 - 12:06:00 PM
Ciright Energy Services Releases Power Monitoring Application


Ciright Energy Services releases its real time power monitoring application integrated to multi buildings and facilities and aggregated to one source. This single source allows the organization leaders to understand what energy will cost their enterprise and make the necessary changes to drive energy efficiency in the area of green, LEED building. This application is positioned for universities and campus environments, where all data can be aggregated in real time from anywhere or drilled in at the granular level.    

2/21/2009 - 4:25:00 AM
Ciright Increases Security


Ciright announces the full integration 512Bit encryption and SSOH password integration.   

9/24/2008 - 9:00:00 AM
Find Ciright at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago!


Ciright is spreading its message at the strongest attended IMTS since 2000. Look for a Ciright Guy in Chicago to learn more about the ubiquitous platform that manages and tracks all projects, customers and services for minimum business efficiency.   

9/18/2008 - 11:11:00 AM
Twitter Support for WYWO Arrives!


Ciright is thrilled to join the thousands of services that support one of the newest, fastest growing social networks on the internet. Tweet and retweet all from your WYWO app, insuring you never miss a message again.   

7/11/2008 - 11:12:00 AM
Ciright Introduces Professional Services Business Automation Application


Today, Ciright announced the availability of the Professional Services Business Automation Application providing visibility and accountability of all activity prior to professional service contract occurring. The system integrates the cost per employee by the sales price on an hourly basis per employee which is correlated to the task which the employee will be performing so that one can estimate a process on an hourly basis that connects to man hours which then translates into project hours so they can come up with a fee for the project. The contract is managed from cradle to grave throughout the application so that now when all time reporting occurs you can measure and compare what was estimated to what it actually took to complete a task—allowing professional service firms, engineering firms, accounting firms, architectural firms, ordering firms, and others to assess their efficiency and make needed changes.   

6/18/2008 - 10:30:00 AM
Ciright Focus on Capital Goods


Ciright announces availability of the Capital Goods focus. This fully integrated application supports both manufacturers and channels needs to enhance the sales of capital goods in both the manufacturing and construction environment.   

5/21/2008 - 3:16:00 PM
Make the Most of Your Web Inquiries


Despite greater reliance on the internet for business, valued leads can be lost due to lack of follow-up. To help our own customers with this problem, Ciright announces the full integration of web inquiries. All the inquiries on the web are indexed as opportunities and/or cases, so that nothing falls through the cracks in an automated process allowing them to be easily assigned to anyone with authority rights within the enterprise. This system leverages the power of the web for business to scale and promote, capture their visitors, and disseminate the assignment of visitor requests to appropriate parties by geographic territory, by account base, by opportunity, by time, day, all in automated process.   

4/10/2008 - 3:00:00 PM
Ciright Commits to Medical Group System


Ciright announces the commitment of resources to Ciright Medical Group to continue development of what started in 1994 on the FAX RX and progresses through patient management and patient assessment to a fully HIPA compliant enterprise reporting system. This system would be utilized by the practice, as well as the patient in managing medical information securely, reliably, and perpetually.    

2/11/2008 - 9:24:00 AM
Ciright Releases iPhone App


Ciright announces the availability of iRep. Connecting remote sales representatives to their enterprise's data from the palm of their hand.

1/6/2008 - 11:12:00 AM
Ciright Introduces Its Group Scheduling Application


Ciright brings you the availability of a Group Scheduling Application. Allowing real-time, cross-enterprise scheduling of users, support groups and customers.

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