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Ciright Attends LBM Expo in Boston


Ciright will be displaying its Facility Management and HVAC Proficiency Tools at the LBM Expo on February 4th. Visit the booth and learn how Ciright can help organize your enterprise from industry experts.    

Look for Ciright at the Enterprise Software Development Conference in San Francisco


Learn how Ciright leverages the latest technologies to assist both individuals and enterprises in becoming more efficient.   

Ciright Integrates Merchant Services


Integration and availability of merchant services to use Ciright as credit card processing.    

Ciright Concentrates on Manufacturing and Rep Channel Education Seminars


Ciright focused greatly on Manufacturing and Rep Channel Education seminars to bring them together to learn both of their needs and privacy requirements. This is an important step in ensuring that the system has the functionality to fulfill both their needs and propel them towards a common goal.   

1/12/2010 - 12:40:00 PM
Ciright Opens Subscriptions to All Businesses


Commercial availability of cloud to open subscriptions NOT just solicited business. Up until this point, Ciright only took orders only from people who they wanted to do business with. In January 2010, they are allowing for complete open subscriptions from all industries.    

1/5/2010 - 10:25:00 AM
Ciright Attends the High Tech Road show


Ciright will be attending the High Tech Road show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The topics will focus on consumer electronics. Ciright will be displaying its software running on multiple devices, as well as its versatility in every industry.    

11/18/2009 - 1:15:00 PM
Ciright Announces Initiative for Sustainable Software


Keeping its company promise to innovation and accountability, Ciright declares its strong initiative for sustainable software. Think before you print! Minimize reporting based on the fact that if you have the information you need, when you need it, then there is no reason to write a report. Think green! Green software gives you the information you need on a tablet, on a phone, without placing the demand on the enterprise for someone to run a spreadsheet and an analysis so that you can then make your decision. Sustainability is a smart solution not just for the ecosystem, but also for your enterprise's bottom line.   

8/1/2009 - 11:16:00 AM
Ciright Energy Wins Contract with the Philadelphia Housing Authorty


Ciright is proud to announce it has one a contract to embark on an ambitious project with the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Ciright Energy will monitor all utilities, including electricity, gas, and water for twenty-seven PHA sites. Data is collected on a minute by minute bases through high-speed internet connections. Each site, whether it is a housing development, small property, or business office, is monitored individually. In this manner, PHA can run analytics based on a singular site or aggregated views for all sites. Ciright Energy is dedicated using its technology to enable PHA to limit its energy demand, dropping cost but raising quality for all of its tenants.   

Ciright Announces XML and CSV integration


Ciright announces full support of all XML and CSV integration into any legacy systems for the extraction or insertion of real time data through API.    

5/1/2009 - 12:18:00 PM
Look Over Your Enterprise With the Ciright Security Blimp


Ciright announces the Ciright Security Blimp, a tablet based application providing real time information based on security rights about who is connected to the network, failed logins, and network utilization for the current session so that an administrator or business owner can get the real time pulse of his enterprise.    

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